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What is hair loss? When is hair loss normal and when is it excessive?

Hair loss is natural for humans, as long as it occurs within the normal range. This is because hair follicle cells cannot work all the time, which is why there is a cyclic phasing of the follicle – the growth stage (anagen) is followed by a stage of hair loss, rest (telogen). Most follicles on the scalp are in the growth stage: some have 95%, others 80%. The remaining 5-20% of hair normally do not grow, the follicles do not work and the hair from these follicles “leaves” the head. We may speak about a pathological process when the follicle prematurely enters the stage of hair loss, the growth stage is reduced, and the % of “dead” hair on the head exceeds 10-20%. This happens under the influence of a huge number of pathological factors; there are more than a hundred known causes of hair loss. In some cases the process is reversible and does not lead to follicle death, in others it leads to their miniaturization and atrophy.